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Marty Koppel: Bio

Life without music would be a mistake, and music by Marty Koppel makes life even more pleasurable. This seasoned artist, currently residing in Vernon, NJ, performs heart felt Americana, Rockabilly and Rhythm and Blues compositions which are much more than songs; they are a musical testiment that when music comes straight from the heart, you not only feel great about what you do, but you can't stop doing it.
Having written well over 200 songs since 1977, Marty Koppel has also won numerous talent contests over the past several years and has also had the opportunity to perform on the "Jerry Lewis Telethon".
Martys' stage show speaks for itself!!! Like those of his idols Elvis Presley, Bruce Springsteen and Steve Earle, Koppels' stage show is fresh, vibrant and guaranteed to move you emotionally and on the dance floor as well.
Performing originals such as "Vernon Town", "Silver Eagle", "Brand New Me" and "New Years Eve Blues", always leaves the audience wanting to hear more!
People want to hear songs that they can identify with. Songs that have a powerful feeling! A PUNCH! Marty Koppels' music makes you feel good deep inside, conjuring up images and emotions that we've all been through.
Finally, a breath of fresh air with songs worth remembering; great melodies, great hooks, by a unique and talented singer/songwriter.
His name......MARTY KOPPEL!!!